What to wear for you session

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Clients often ask me what they should wear for their photo session so I want to share a few suggestions to help take away any stress you may feel when it comes to selecting outfits for your session.

Coordinate Colors With Your Home Decor

Think of where you want to display the pictures. If you plan on hanging the pictures around your home, look at your home decor and choose colors that will go well with the color scheme within your house (e.g. bright colors vs neutrals).

Don't Over Do It

Patterns are okay to wear but I would limit the number of family members who wear them. Having too many patterns may become too distracting in the final image. Think about having one person wear a pattern in his/her outfit that the rest of the group's clothing and accessories pull from, while keeping everyone else's outfits simple. I've found it can be easier to find the patterned pieces in girls and women, and then pull colors from their outfits to build outfits for the boys and men.


Once you have your clothing picked out, throw in a few accessories to give your pictures an extra "pop." Including accessories to your outfits such as ties, scarfs, hats, necklaces, cardigans, headbands, etc. will add a nice touch to your session.

Get Comfortable

Choose outfits that everyone will be comfortable in. Clothes that are too itchy, too tight, or pieces that you might tug on throughout the session will take away from you session and will appear on the faces of those wearing them.