Fresh 48 - Jenna Elizabeth Onyia

Fresh 48

Your babe is here! These sessions are for babes not even 2 days old. To capture in a more lifestyle way that fresh fresh baby newness. I come to you at the hospital or home- wherever you've given birth. To capture your babe and you in all the newness.

When do I need to book with? 

Before baby comes. Ideally about a month in advance. If you contact me as your having babe, I may not be able to get to you in those first 48 hours.

What should we wear?

Be comfy. Most moms stay in their nightgown and that's totally okay. I suggest that dad wear a solid color shirt with no designs or logos.

Who all should or can be involved in this session?

Mainly mom, dad, and your fresh new babe but I'm happy to capture one quick photo of siblings if they happen to be by. 

Are there any props or sets involved?

I will use baby's bassinet and probably your bed. But no baskets, outfits, or sets are involved. This is a very simple lifestyle session focused around the connection between you, babe, and their environment.