Milestone - Jenna Elizabeth Onyia


Oooh Baby Baby Baby! Your wee one is getting big. Maybe they just rolled over or said mama for the first time. What a wonderful experience! I personally love watching little ones grow. It's a pleasure to capture them experiencing so many new things. And it's wonderful to capture this too! I know you won't great having wonderful images of your little one growing! 

When do these sessions occur? 

Well I like stages over ages. Which is 3 months- tummy time, 7 months- sitting, and 12 months-standing. You can also choose to do 3, 6, 9, or 12. Or just any old month in babes first year.

What can I expect from these sessions?

Typically a could of sets with babe in cute outfits. It's not so much about elaborate set ups. As it is about babe as they are. I will be focusing on that stage or milestone that your babe has reached. Should you choose to do multiple or enroll in our Wee Littles Club- I will focus on repeating sets to show the progression of your babe's size and features. 

I'm interested in a holiday theme. Is that possible?

If your babe's session falls near a holiday, I typically will do a themed set.

I have twins. Is the price higher?

Very simple answer- no absolutely not. Never.

I'm really interested in showcasing these images. What's the best way to do that?

Well you might be interested in our Lil Littles Club. It's a package discount of all the milestone shoots. And it also includes a discount on prints and products. Like our gorgeous wood folio box designed to hold mounted images from multiple sessions. But if your not interested in the club we always have a la carte pricing. You can request an in person ordering session. That way I will be there to help guide you through your print and product needs.

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