About - Jenna Elizabeth Onyia

About me- the artist

Hi! I'm Jenna Elizabeth. I'm a crafty, creative person but I'm also a mom. That's how I got here as a photographer. Since the time I was 7, I've been in art classes. As an adult, I did not really have an outlet for my creativity. With my son on the way- I thought well this try this. It totally clicked for me. My passion was born.

Now several years later, my hubby and I have two kids and one fur baby. I love coffee and chocolate, live in leggings, and fully believe mashed potatoes are a meal.  

I'm a business woman and a photographer but I'm also a mom. I truly get how important your memories are. I understand that your kids have their own personality. Their own version of crazy. That your family unit doesn't look like any other. I am here to breathe life into your little moments, capture them in a second, and preserve them for all time.

Come see the world the way I do. 

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